Our Process

Apply with one application- With one simple application we will source multiple offers, allowing you to get the most appropriate product fit for your needs. No more hassle sending out your application to dozens of companies and brokers, filling out forms and getting rejected. We will find the ideal match for you with just one simple form available here.

Get offers- With multiple small business loan offers, we will help guide you in choosing the offer that best suits your needs. With BI Capital, you will have peace of mind every step of the way, knowing that our goal is mutual.

Get your business funded- Once your business is matched up with the most suitable lender, you’re just a few steps away from receiving funds right into your account. We will set up an introductory call so you understand every detail, and as always, we will be there to guide you if needed. You can expect the money to be in your account within 24-48 hours.

Building for the future- After you’re funded, we’ll map out a plan to get you additional small business funding in the future should you need it. We want to build a long lasting relationship for all of your small business capital and financial needs. At BI Capital we are in it for the long term!